The Course

Ballumbie Golf Course is a 18 Hole parkland course with a par of 69 and a length of 5715 yards where no two holes are the same. You can view an overview of each hole below along with details of our excellent driving range and testimonials from some of our local pros who have played Ballumbie Golf Course.

You can also download the scorecard by clicking here.

Lambie’s Farm

A gentle start to the course providing you avoid the Driving Range O.o.B left. Position is a must on this hole unless you are happy with a blind second shot. Layup before the dip or go long and try to carry it otherwise it is a blind approach.

Easter Powrie

A slight dog leg right with pin position changing how difficult the hole is O.o.B right. Along your right trees over hanging block you giving no shot if you leave yourself on the right hand side of the fairway. Stay left to give yourself a chance at the green.

Wee Spell

This one is a tester O.o.B. Right 230yards along and you run out of fairway due to the right angle turn and you are greeted with a shot of around 120yards up a steep hill to a relatively small green.

Auld Heuch

One of the most difficult Par 3’s on the course. Tee shot from an elevated tee to a slightly elevated green guarded by 3 bunkers. Another hole with O.o.B to your right into local housing. Remember to shout.

Muckle Dub

A very testing hole with the Driving Range down your right O.o.B. From a high tee box well above green level. However, beware there is a pond at the bottom of the hill that can swallow your ball and send you back to the tee. Your approach will be difficult with probably the hardest green on the course. The Green is elevated and runs from back to front so if you are high of the pin expect a fast downhill putt.


The first of the par 5’s. Position is a must for this hole as there are two fairway bunkers one at either side and if you go big and leak right you add 70 yards on to your next shot as the hole sweeps around to the left. Now you make the decision layup or go for it? The top tier of the green is guarded by a large bunker.

Fithie Burn

Houses run along your left and a cluster of trees on the right however if you manage to stay on the fairway you may find one of the 2 fairway bunkers. Pass them you might have an uneven hill lie for your second. The green is defended by a bunker left and a bunker right. You have to be accurate.

Datchie Brae

Another difficult par 3 on a slight incline making club selection a little harder than normal. Carry the bunker front right and you should have a birdie chance providing you didn’t over club and go through the green.

Catherine Douglas

An elevated tee surrounded by trees could add some unwanted pressure. Looking down the tight fairway you see a fairway bunker left and a fairway bunker right. Try to keep in the middle to give you a good angle to the green that is surrounded by 4 bunkers.

Grissel’s Scrog

The beginning of Ballumbie's Amen Corner, this hole can ruin your score at the start of the back nine. A layup area on the left with a river flowing at the bottom of it gives you a look at the green with a large pond on your left. It has to be accurate at the green or your score could crash.

Fykie Caur

A Long par 3 with water left and bushes right. The hole runs right to left but if you try to carry all the way and run down you may find yourself in one of the two greenside bunkers. Walking off with par here is always good.

Baldovie Toll

You have to try and fly to the hole here as it is downhill all the way to the front edge of the green then it is uphill from there. If you miss right you have a bunker and miss left you will find yourself with a very hard up and down as left is 8ft below green level at some points.


Being the longest hole on the course it doesn’t help that it plays into the wind most days making it difficult for your average player to make the green in three. Off of the tee you are up hill. Your second shot is mostly about position with fairway bunkers in the middle and to the left. The green has mounds defending the green from the right and a bunker left. Another one take Par and run.


Find the middle of the fairway with your tee shot avoiding the Fairway bunkers left and right and you are doing well. The two tier green with a bunker short left and on the back right makes your approach more difficult than it should be.

Lovell’s View

Score Index 18. Don’t be fooled. This hole looks easy on the tee but there are many things can go wrong. Bunkers front right and left. Carry the left one to be met from another. Too much club and you are in trouble at the back with long rough and bushes.

Roun’s Neuk

A long sweeping right bend, you don’t want to drift right or the trees will happily take your ball. Easy to be three off the tee here. Two fairway bunkers on the left make accuracy a must. The fairway sloping left to right, if you are short of the green you will run down right and could possibly be in one of the two green side bunkers.

Auld Ballumy

Running back alongside the 9th, houses are O.o.B left. Driver might not be needed. Two large fairway bunkers bring caution for the big hitters. Bunkers front left and right of the green puts some pressure on your approach.

The Green Lady

This is one of the most difficult holes on the course. It can easily wreck a good score. A Long hole with a large dip at the start of the fairway. Uphill most of the way from here generally into the wind. Fairway drops, then rises with O.o.B running down the left hand side, so aim right almost at the fairway bunker. Split level green with two deep bunkers either side.


Excellent and very challenging golf course within a fantastic setting. Staff are always very welcoming and friendly which helps to create a great atmosphere in the club house too.

The course has a great variety of holes throughout a superb course. I would highly recommend it. The driving range being is a perfect way to loosen up before a round too.

The course in kept in perfect condition all year round which makes for an excellent round of golf. The food in the restaurant is also excellent and highly recommended.